Madison Travel Baseball

About MTB

Madison Travel Baseball (MTB) is an unaffiliated partner program of Madison Little League, operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the community of Madison, NJ. We aim to provide a club-like baseball experience at a recreational-level cost that commands a team-first focus, and seek players who have a baseball-first commitment.

Why Play MTB

  • Play baseball with your current friends and classmates and represent the town of Madison
  • Play, learn and develop locally
  • Compete at a higher level against other club teams from the area
  • Complement your participation in Madison LL and maintain eligibility for the Williamsport Tournament All-Star team

Our Objectives

MTB provides an opportunity for more competitive baseball for serious players aged 8-14 in Madison, including play at the Intermediate (50/70) level for 11- and 12-year-olds. Our program features winter training, and spring, summer and fall baseball teams for committed and capable players. We engage professional coaches and instructors to work with our teams and help educate our coaches. Although we are not a Little League program, we do require our players to participate in Madison LL to be eligible for MTB teams.

Winter Training

MTB organizes Winter Workouts for all returning players, and we coordinate with Madison LL to offer workouts for their 9-12 year-old players as well. Currently, we are expecting more than 100 players to participate in Winter Workouts. Winter training is a great way for young players to receive more fundamental skill work and repetition in preparation for the spring season. Additional fees are charged for Winter Workouts, and participation is entirely optional.

Spring Travel Baseball

MTB is organized and designed expressly to complement the regular Madison LL spring season, and MTB spring players must also participate in Madison LL. MTB spring teams are typically entered into the USABL Spring League. This league plays on Sundays in April and May, a combination of single games with some doubleheaders (typically a 9-game season). Half the games will be played at home and half played away. Teams will play opponents in a division based on each team’s skill and location. Note that 11- and 12-year-olds play at the Intermediate (50/70) level in all seasons of MTB.

If you play on an MTB spring team, you will be playing 3-4 games a week between Madison LL and MTB, in addition to any practices for those teams. MTB teams must be rostered by March 1st; tryouts will be announced prior to that date, if necessary, based on registration.

Summer Travel Baseball

To be eligible for summer MTB teams, players must participate in the Madison LL spring season and play a minimum of eight Madison LL spring games. Tryout dates and registration for summer teams will be announced in the spring. Vacation is permitted over the 4th of July holiday for MTB players (note that Madison LL Williamsport Tournament All-Star team players have different requirements), and the season usually runs until the 1st week of August.

The summer season schedule will be determined by MTB and each team’s Manager. Typically, teams will be entered into either a weeknight league or a weekend tournament schedule, but not both. The MTB summer program is designed to complement, not conflict with, the Madison LL Williamsport Tournament teams, and we expect MTB players to try out for Madison LL Williamsport teams offered for their age levels.

Team Selection

At tryouts, players will be ranked by the MTB evaluation committee, team Managers, and an independent 3rd-party evaluator. There will only be as many teams as can be supported by the number of Managers, Coaches, and players. We will form multiple teams at the same age level if payer demand and Manager and Coach availability permit. Players will be ranked by ability level based on tryout scores, coaches’ evaluations from prior season performance on summer/spring/fall travel teams (if applicable), and attendance. The number of teams being formed at each age level will be announced prior to each tryout. MTB uses the same League Age determination as Little League; however, 11- and 12-year-olds play at the Intermediate (50/70) level in MTB.

Managers and Coaches

All Manager and Coach candidates must apply to MTB prior to the tryouts for the upcoming season. MTB selects Managers and Coaches with consideration given to experience, knowledge, and the ability to foster a positive team experience. We highly prioritize committed, positive, knowledgeable staff - be they parents or outside individuals - who understand the balance of teaching the game at a high level while also instilling a respect for the game and the team-oriented values that will stay with our players for as long as they play the sport, and hopefully beyond the diamond.


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