Summer 2024 Baseball Tryouts will Open in May

Summer Options

Local All-Star Teams for Players Aged 7-9

For players League Age 7-9, summer programs and tournaments are run by local area Little Leagues.

  • LA 7s: a coach-pitch summer program
  • LA 8s: a player-pitch summer tournament run by Par-Troy East Little League
  • LA 9s: a player-pitch summer tournament run by Morristown American and National Little League

Williamsport Tournament All-Star Teams for Players Aged 10-14

For players League Age 10-14, sanctioned summer tournaments are run by Little League District 1.

  • 10u Tourney to the State level
  • 11u Tourney to the Regional level
  • 12u (Majors) Tourney to the World Series Level
  • 13u (Intermediate 50/70) Tourney to the World Series Level
  • 14u (Juniors) Tourney to the World Series Level


  • Players must have played a minimum of eight regular-season Madison LL games to be eligible for All-Star Tourney team selection
  • Highly competitive, and a high commitment level to all practices and games is required
  • Player availability and schedule conflicts with other sports, vacations, etc. are factors when selecting players to All-Star Tourney teams

Attendance [tournament dates to be posted] 

  • Players must be 100% available at least through the State round of the tournament
  • The All-Star Tourney typically runs from mid-June through late-July, and possibly into August if a team advances beyond States
  • Games are played on weeknights and weekends
  • Players should expect to play through the July 4 holiday weekend

Madison Travel Baseball Teams

  • Teams for ages 7 through 14
    • MLL All-Star Tournament teams that don't advance beyond the District Round typically continue play with Madison Travel Baseball (extra charges may apply)
    • MTB-only teams may be formed in cases where more players are interested than can be rostered to the MLL All-Star Tourney team.
  • Competitive, but less so than All-Star Tourney teams
  • Tryouts may not be required for some age groups
  • Attendance requirements are more relaxed
  • Season runs from mid-June through late-July
  • Games are typically played on weeknights, although some teams may enter weekend tournaments

Players may be rostered to both an MLL WP Tourney All-Star team and an MTB team.

Team Selection

  • All players will be considered for both summer options: Madison LL Williamsport Tournament All-Stars and Madison Travel Baseball teams
  • Players are evaluated based on tryout performance, coach nominations, and availability for the WP Tournament schedule
  • Once tryouts are complete, players may be selected for a spot in one or both programs and will have the option to accept or decline their selection(s)
  • Families will be advised of registration fees when players are selected, and the fees are due upon acceptance to confirm the player’s roster spot

Madison LL supports the participation of all interested players regardless of ability to pay. To confidentially request financial assistance with registration fees, please contact Madison LL or speak with any Board Member.