Madison LL Facility Use Guidelines and Request Form

Madison LL welcomes requests to use our fields and facilities. We have five Little League (46/60) fields of varying outfield dimensions, two Intermediate (50/70) fields, one grass 60/90 field and access to a shared turf 60/90 field. Locations of our fields are listed here. Please read the use requirements below before submitting your request. Requests are not confirmed until a confirmation response is received from Madison LL.

Insurance Coverage

All organizations using Madison facilities must be covered by their own insurance. You must provide these two Certificates of Insurance (COI) at least 24 hours prior to the use of the facility, or your request will be automatically canceled:

  • The endorsement clause on the first COI must list only Borough of Madison, 50 Kings Road, Madison NJ 07940.
  • The endorsement clause on the second COI must list only Madison Little League, Inc., PO Box 261, Madison NJ 07940.

No one can use any Madison facility without providing these two Certificates of Insurance. NO CERTIFICATES, NO FACILITY USE, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Required Documents

A complete roster of all participants, two Liability Waivers, and a COVID-19 Daily Symptoms Screening Certification are required from all participants on all teams involved in any activity at Madison facilities, including but not limited to, players, coaches, umpires and any other participants who will be involved in the activity. The documents must be submitted to Madison LL at least 24 hours prior to the use of the facility, or your request will be automatically canceled.

No one can use any Madison facility without having signed all documents. NO DOCUMENTS, NO FACILTY USE, NO EXCEPTIONS.

COVID Safety Requirements

All users of Madison facilities agree to read, understand and follow the Madison LL COVID Safety Guidelines explained on this page.

Terms and Conditions of Facility Use

By submitting a Facilities Use Request to Madison Little League, I acknowledge the following:

  • I have read, understand and agree to adhere to the guidelines described on this page and in all documents linked from this page.
  • If I am coaching a local Madison team, I understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure any opposing team participants adhere to the same.
  • I understand I must provide the following documents at least 24 hours prior to the requested facilities use date, and that failure to do so will automatically result in the cancellation of my request:
    • Acceptable Certificates of Insurance
    • A complete roster of players and coaches
    • Two signed Liability Waivers for each player and coach
    • A signed COVID Screening Certification for each player and coach
  • I understand I must follow all COVID Safety Guidelines as explained on thisĀ page.
  • I understand that this is a request only, and no facilities use is confirmed until I receive a confirmation response from Madison LL.

Facilities Use Request Form

    In order to protect the safety and health of everyone in the Madison community, MLL reserves the right to remove any participants, including players, coaches, umpires, league officials and spectators, from activities for failure to act in compliance with the guidelines and requirements outlined on this page and in the linked documents.