Player Assessments

These players must attend:

  • Players who are League Age 8 or older and did not play Madison LL in the immediately previous season (even if they played Madison LL in earlier seasons).
  • Players who are League Age 10 and want to declare for the Majors draft (even if they played Madison LL in the immediately previous season).

Click here to see the League Age chart.

These players should not attend:

  • Players who are League Age 7 or younger.
  • Players who played Madison LL during the immediately previous season (we have coach evaluations for these players).

Dates, times and location:

Assessments for the current season are completed. Information is posted on this page for the upcoming season in December.

What to bring:

  • All players must wear a face covering, and bring their fielding glove, bat and batting helmet (if they have a bat/helmet).
  • Players must wear sneakers or turf shoes (no cleats).
  • Players who are new to Madison LL will need to provide the required proof of residency and proof of age documents. Please bring the original documents - they will be reviewed and immediately returned to you.

What we look for:

  • Assessments allow us to collect up-to-date performance data for the player draft, helping to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of talent across all teams in a division.
  • Players are evaluated on fielding and hitting. Players also have the option of being evaluated on pitching if they are interested.
  • Evaluators look for form and strength relative to other players of the same age.
  • Players' assessment scores are confidential to Madison LL and are not published or otherwise made known beyond the evaluators and the MLL Board members and coaches involved in the player drafts.