Non-MLL Participants at Madison Facilities

The below-listed documents are required from all participants on all teams involved in any activity at Madison LL facilities, including players, coaches, umpires and any other participants. The documents must be submitted to Madison LL at least 24 hours prior to the use of the facility. No one can use any Madison LL facility without having provided all documents.

Required Documents

  • Borough of Madison Liability Waiver
  • Madison Little League Liability Waiver
  • COVID-19 Daily Screening Certification

For non-MLL teams and Umpires at MLL facilities:

Click the link below to sign the required documents and submit rosters. Coaches of Madison teams are responsible for ensuring the roster and signed documents are collected from non-Madison opponents.


All users must review, understand and follow the guidelines, requirements and procedures outlined on this page and in the linked documents when using MLL facilities. Any information provided to you by anyone through any means other than this website may not accurately represent the most up to date guidelines and requirements, and MLL cannot be responsible if you have relied on any information other than what is presented here. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact us.

In order to protect the safety and health of everyone in the Madison community, MLL reserves the right to remove any participants, including players, coaches, umpires, league officials and spectators, from activities for failure to act in compliance with the guidelines and requirements outlined on this page and in the linked documents.