Madison LL COVID Safety Guidelines

This page is a summary of the Madison Little League (MLL) Program Participation Guidelines. Please read the complete Guidelines hereThe information on this page is for use by all organizations using MLL facilities, to include MLL teams, travel league teams, club teams, and any other authorized users. All users must review, understand and follow the guidelines, requirements and procedures outlined on this page and in the linked documents when engaged in any organized activity at MLL facilities. "Organized activity" means any game, practice, skills clinic, batting practice or any similar organized activity taking place on the field, in the batting cages or in any area considered part of the field park or complex..

Permitted Activity

As of January 2, 2021: indoor and outdoor baseball practices and competitions are permitted, subject to the requirements explained here.

Required Rosters and Waivers

A complete roster of all participants and both of the waivers linked below are required from all participants on all teams involved in any activity at MLL facilities, including but not limited to, players, coaches, umpires and any other participants who will be involved in the activity. The waivers must be collected and submitted to MLL 24 hours prior to the use of the facility. No one can use any MLL facility without having signed both waivers. NO WAIVERS, NO PARTICIPATION, NO EXCEPTIONS.

For MLL players:

These waivers were signed as part of the player's registration for MLL.

For non-MLL teams and Umpires at MLL facilities:

Click the link below to sign the required waivers. Coaches of Madison teams are responsible for ensuring the roster and signed waivers are collected from non-Madison opponents.

Check-in Procedures

For MLL coaches and players:

All participants in any organized activity must respond to a set of screening questions prior to the use of any MLL facility. The results of this screening for each participant must be recorded and reported to MLL using the "My Heath Check" function in the MLL TeamSnap mobile app.

For non-MLL teams and Umpires at MLL facilities:

The screening questionnaire must be administered using the forms linked below. If only one team participating in an activity is a local Madison team, the coach of the Madison team is responsible for ensuring that the screening questionnaire is administered to all participants of the opposing team immediately upon the opponent's arrival at the facility.

Safety Guidelines and Requirements

As condition of using using MLL facilities, you agree to read, understand and adhere to the MLL Program Participation Guidelines. A summary of the Guidelines is listed here for convenience. Please click here to read the full Guidelines document.

  • COVID-19 liability waivers are required from all participants
  • Responding to the symptoms questionnaire (through "My Health Check" or via paper form) is required for all participants prior to each practice or game
  • Six-foot distancing between participants must be maintained whenever practical, taking into consideration the requirements of the specific activity
  • All participants must provide their own face covering
  • Players and Coaches in active participation do not need a face covering; otherwise they must wear one
  • Umpires should wear face coverings. Plate umpires may work from behind the mound or at the plate, at their own discretion.
  • Spectators should wear face coverings when proper social distancing is not possible.
  • Contact activities including handshakes, high-fives, team huddles, fist bumps and similar activities are not permitted
  • Sharing water, drinks or snacks is not permitted
  • Gum chewing, sunflower seed eating, spitting, or any similar activity is not permitted

Equipment, Fields and Facilities

  • Each team keeps and uses own baseballs when on defense
  • Players must have own bat, glove and helmet
  • Catchers should have own catchers equipment
  • Shared equipment must be properly disinfected between uses
  • Bleachers or other areas may be designated as extensions of the dugouts to allow for proper player distancing
  • Spectators are not permitted in areas that have been designated as extensions of the dugouts
  • All participants and spectators must obey posted signs, fencing, and other markings designed to control positioning, crowding or traffic flow

COVID-19 Resources


All users must review, understand and follow the guidelines, requirements and procedures outlined on this page and in the linked documents when using MLL facilities. Any information provided to you by anyone through any means other than this website may not accurately represent the most up to date guidelines and requirements, and MLL cannot be responsible if you have relied on any information other than what is presented here. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact us.

These guidelines are issued in accordance with State of New Jersey Executive Order No. 149 and other such Orders governing youth sports, the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) Guidance for Sports Activities and Borough of Madison directives. These Guidelines are subject to change to the extent additional Executive Orders and/or additional guidance is issued by the State of New Jersey and/or Borough of Madison pertaining to sports activities.

In order to protect the safety and health of everyone in the Madison community, MLL reserves the right to remove any participants, including players, coaches, umpires, league officials and spectators, from activities for failure to act in compliance with these Guidelines and the NJDOH Guidance for Sports Activities.