Little League Bat Regulations

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Little League International uses the USA Baseball Bat Standard which ensures that all bats, regardless of material, perform similarly to a wood bat. The USABat standard has been adopted by virtually all youth baseball organizations, not just Little League International.

Seniors division:
Bats must be BBCOR standard bats. Bats will be up to 2-5/8" in diameter.

Intermediate (50/70) division:
Bats may be the new USABat standard, carrying the USABat marking on the bat, OR may be BBCOR standard bats. Bats will be up to 2-5/8" in diameter.

Majors and Minors (Farm, AA, AAA) divisions:
Bats must meet the new USABat standard, and must carry the USABat marking on the bat. Bats will be up to 2-5/8" in diameter. Only USABat standard bats are permitted in these divisions.

Tee Ball:
Bats meant for Tee Ball (length of 26" or shorter) must carry a special USABat "approved for Tee Ball" mark. There is a "sticker program" that allows Tee Ball bats from 2017 and earlier to be used. Madison LL will have these stickers available for Tee Ball players.

How do I make sure I have the right bat?

Madison LL will have at least two approved bats in each team equipment bag for any player to use during games and practices. Please note that the USABat requirement applies to any Madison LL-sponsored activity, including practices.

New bats that conform to the USABat standard have different weight distribution and a different barrel diameter than previous bats. Because of this, manufacturers are advising that all players be properly fitted for their new bat.

USABat-standard bats are available from all major manufacturers and at all major sporting goods outlets.

Bats that meet the USABat standard will carry this mark:

USABat Bat Mark

For more information...

USABat Approved Bat List. Please note: new bats are being made every week, so this list will evolve over time. Also note that many manufacturers are using the same model names as earlier years' bats that were not USABat-standard approved. Make sure any new bat you buy for use in 2018 and forward carries the USABat logo (or the BBCOR logo for use in the Intermediate and Seniors divisions).

Visit the USABat FAQ for answers to many questions.

Learn more about USABat. This standard was developed by USA Baseball, the national governing body for baseball in the United States, and its National Member Organizations, like Little League International.