Little League Bat Regulations

Bats used Little League International conform with either the USA Baseball Bat Standard or the NCAA BBCOR Standard, both of which ensure that all bats, regardless of material, perform similarly to a wood bat. One or both of these standards are in use across virtually all youth, high school and college baseball organizations.

Bats permitted in the various divisions of Madison Little League are listed below. NOTE: in addition to the requirements listed here, any all-wood bat that meets the definition in Rule 1.10 is permitted in any division.

Seniors Division:
Bat must be BBCOR standard. Max. length 36 Inches, max. diameter, 2-5/8 inches.

Intermediate (50/70) and Juniors Divisions:
Bat may be either USABat standard OR BBCOR standard. Max. length 34 Inches, max. diameter, 2-5/8 inches.

Majors and Minors (AAA, AA and Farm) Divisions:
Bat must be USABat standard. Max. length 33 Inches, max. diameter, 2-5/8 inches.

Tee Ball:
Bats meant for Tee Ball (length of 26" or shorter) must carry a special USABat "approved for Tee Ball" mark. There is a "sticker program" that allows Tee Ball bats from 2017 and earlier to be used. Madison LL will have these stickers available for Tee Ball players.

Bats that meet the USABat standard carry this mark:

USABat Bat Mark

Bats that meet the BBCOR standard carry this mark:

BBCOR mark

Madison LL will have at least two approved bats in each team equipment bag for any player to use during games and practices. Please note that divisional-level bat type requirements apply to all Madison LL-sponsored activities, including practices.

Please note: new bats are being made all the time, so the availability of approved bats changes from year to year. Also note that many manufacturers are using the same model names as earlier years' bats that did not meet one of the approved standards. Make sure any bat you use or buy carries the appropriate certification mark for your division of play.